It’s like I’m walking through this kingdom of time
This far I’ve done lost my mind
Only to find the other side
Is where the world opens wide
To descend these city streets late at night
I’ve been searching for my bite
They say I inspired, but I’m still looking for my fire
These lies have got me tired
I’m free falling, I’m done stalling
I’m done crawling up this mountain top
I won’t stop till I manifest my craft
The top is close
I’m sky scraping
They stay chasing
It’s like i’m a raisin in the sun
i’m running from death’s invasion
They’re done, I’m going gray
I’m still young having mystic visions
Of the one, I hear the hum, the melody comes
Rushing in like some wind
Cuts close like a knife
All I got is my life

All I got is my life.





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