1 Month Down.

So it quickly went from 5 days to 1 month due to my lack of blogging. The official tally this morning was like 10.2 lbs lost. I can’t see any physical changes, but I *feel* so much better. It probably would have been more if my mental state didn’t go down the shitter. I get into ruts and literally nothing gets done except for an excessive amount of reading or tv/movie watching. BUT I’m trying to snap out of it. My ketoing, i believe, is kickstarting my hormones and i have a feeling my period is on the horizon. I haven’t had it since September of last year, when I first tried the keto diet. So anyway, it’s making me a raging bitch (more that usual), I’ve been COMPLETELY exhausted, and my cooking has suffered because of it. Hopefully this month I’ll even out some and be good to go. Also; need to drink more water ;x

So here’s a short run down of what I’ve been cooking up to this past month:

THESE. Good god, these. They were so moist and tasty and everything I could have wanted in a meatball. I made another set of them last night, but I doubled the batch because my boyfriend and brother were going to eat and I wanted some to throw in the freezer. But my boyfriend got too much chopmeat and I didn’t think it would be an issue, and I made them larger than normal so I wouldn’t have to do like 3 batches in the oven, so I think that’s why they weren’t as good as the first time. Lesson learned!! I will take the leftovers and make a spinach lasagne out of them for Easter..This recipe came from this awesome website. I get a lot of recipes from her, including her mashed “potatoes”.

These pizzas have been my saving grace. I tried 2 or 3 different pizza crusts; cheese, oopsie, and something else. They all failed miserably and I was really losing hope. I don’t know why it took me so long to take it back to kindegarten and make it on a tortilla. Mama Lupe’s to the rescue! I bought a bag of the Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles to try out for breakfast meals, but breakfast slowly became something I didn’t have time for (I ❤ sleep) so it’s been quite convenient to have it on hand for my pizzas 🙂 I still have like 1/4 of the bag left and it’s been a few weeks! Definitely going to buy again. ANYWAYS, when I’m not lazy I’ll coat the tortilla in a butter and garlic glaze before toasting them in the oven. YUMMYY. Now netrition just has to restock on the Mama Lupe’s cause I’m sadly all out 😦

Nothing makes me happier than a good broccoli and cheese soup, so I was so happy that it is one of those used to be guilty pleasures that I can now fully endulge on. This recipe was great. My mom and I couldn’t stop eating it. It also made packing my lunch very painless. I got the recipe off of reddit, I believe. I’m kicking myself now because I can’t find it again >.< BUT I want to make this recipe over the weekend, since I can make it in a crockpot. It can cook while I’m cooking all my other prep food for the week.

Since I’ll be home this weekend (as opposed to my boyfriend’s house), I am planning on doing alot of cooking, so I don’t have to do it during the weekend after work. So far I want to do the following:

There was an artichoke chicken my mom had liked… maybe i’ll turn that into a casserole. I doubt that’ll be able to be frozen, though. Maybe just a Sunday night dinner, then.

That’s it for now. I’m tired beyond all comprehension, and trying to stay awake at work is challenging.

Til next time! Cheeky

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Fast Food Find!

I was in a rush this morning (I decided makeup was more important than breakfast >.<) so i didn’t make the normal eggs + breakfast meat that i usually make. I didn’t want to end up cheating, so i ran through Starbucks drive thru and got an iced coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup and heavy cream. It tastes a lot, LOT better than i thought it would, not to mention was half the price of the usual fancy lattes I always used to get. Then I thought, what the hell, let me see if the BK Whopper Dangalang (Gary calls it this, thank you, Dane Cook) will give me just scrambled eggs with bacon. Which they did! And it cost me under $2.00!!

Good to know for the next time I’m in a morning pinch!

“Lots of changes, old Max. Lots of changes.”

My awfulsweetness tag originated probably over 1o years ago. Originally pulled from a Bright Eyes song, it has ironically become a very evident factor in my health. My father has just been diagnosed with being a pre-diabetic. His mother had Type II Diabetes, which she passed away early on from. Unfortunately, it seems I am following suit.

Growing up, I was always on the pudgier side. After high school, things changed and i started to lose weight rapidly. Life was great then. I was genuinely happy and very confident in myself. I was never home and I stayed out until I had to go to work the next morning. I started ditching classes just so I could hang out, only to drive around and smoke butts while listening to loud music til wee hours of the morning, or listen to the boys write music. It was awesome. I met my current boyfriend during that time. So he knew, and fell in love with, that person. I developed PCOS and started to gain tons of weight. Things have been rough between us lately and I feel like I’ve lost control of everything. So, I’ve decided to take steps to get back into control, starting with my health issues. Continue reading